Chaos is Strong

Hello everybody!

So now the people around me are fully on the Age of Sigmar bandwagon (which is fine by me) I need to sort out an army to participate in these activities. Since selling my monsters away last year I am kind of short of chaos stuff but still have enough to put together a reasonable force for August, where there is an event at Warhammer World I intend on attending.

So I have been looking at what scheme to paint my warriors of chaos, I want them to be followers of Tzeentch as it will link with the daemons I have planned but I also didn't want to paint them blue (so boring...). I also think that Age of Sigmar has a much more vibrant theme and style to it so I decided to try something a bit more....flamboyant than what I am used to.

Who would have thought how much I enjoy painting yellow? I quite like this, it has the vibrancy I was looking for without looking like it is another mark of chaos since there is no blue involved. I also have put together an army that is now undercoated ready to be painted up.

My mortal Tzeentch army is pretty heavily infantry based as you can see. The marauders are made from the Silver Tower box as I really liked those models and fit the theme as a whole. The general is going to be Be'lakor, he has to be there always I have loved him since his initial release and is still one of my favourite models GW has ever made.

I will update you on these as they progress I am on holiday soon so hopefully I will have the time to spend on getting these done in time.

Until then though,
Take care everybody!