Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Chaos is Strong

Hello everybody!

So now the people around me are fully on the Age of Sigmar bandwagon (which is fine by me) I need to sort out an army to participate in these activities. Since selling my monsters away last year I am kind of short of chaos stuff but still have enough to put together a reasonable force for August, where there is an event at Warhammer World I intend on attending.

So I have been looking at what scheme to paint my warriors of chaos, I want them to be followers of Tzeentch as it will link with the daemons I have planned but I also didn't want to paint them blue (so boring...). I also think that Age of Sigmar has a much more vibrant theme and style to it so I decided to try something a bit more....flamboyant than what I am used to.

Who would have thought how much I enjoy painting yellow? I quite like this, it has the vibrancy I was looking for without looking like it is another mark of chaos since there is no blue involved. I also have put together an army that is now undercoated ready to be painted up.

My mortal Tzeentch army is pretty heavily infantry based as you can see. The marauders are made from the Silver Tower box as I really liked those models and fit the theme as a whole. The general is going to be Be'lakor, he has to be there always I have loved him since his initial release and is still one of my favourite models GW has ever made.

I will update you on these as they progress I am on holiday soon so hopefully I will have the time to spend on getting these done in time.

Until then though,
Take care everybody!

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

The Shards

Hello everybody!

Sorry for such a long delay since my last post work has been hella busy and getting the time to work on anything interesting has been scarce. Mostly trying to find other things to do other than paint tanks....

So here is something a little different. This is an Age of Sigmar model!

That's right Jack, I have started putting together an Age of Sigmar model....kind of...
It's a daemon model so technically it kind of works for every system but it is with the purpose of being predominantly used for AoS (with the backup of using it elsewhere should it all end horribly)

So I love Chaos, Chaos is stroooong... Dawn of War references aside I have pretty much played Chaos in fantasy since I began, and playing anything else kind of just feels wrong. In particular Daemons have always had a soft squidgy place in my dead black heart from that time as well. Tzeentch doesn't get the love from GW I think it deserves but that is a discussion for another time so I wanted to make a list that reflects how cool I think they are. A friend of mine made me aware of a short story from the AoS books that had Daemons coming out of mirrors and I thought that was so damn cool I just had to try it out. So here it is so far.

So obviously it is not finished but here it is so far. I am not overly sold on it yet but perhaps it is because it doesn't look as awesome as it did in my head, and it looked awesome in my head.

Hopefully I will be updating this more regularly soon but we will see.

Until then,
Take care everybody!

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Fee Fi Fo Fum...

I smell the blood of an Englishman...

Hello everybody!

Barring the base, which I am not sure what I am doing with them all yet so I will be leaving it for now, I believe this is done.

A lovely model that was great fun to paint. Will be moving onto  another model soon as I am currently balancing my time between these and my tanks. I have built some more so that I all bar one of the tanks built for my 1000pts army as shown below.

Behold my tank parade! I have a land raider to build and then they are all constructed. 8 tanks is ok in 1000pts right guys?? Anyone???

Hopefully with some good weather I can spray the rest of these so I can base coat them in lovely iridescent goodness.

Until then though,
Take care everybody!

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Death and Glory!

Hi everybody!

So since I haven't done a post in a while this will be a two parter in terms of updating things. Firstly, I managed to complete my first predator tank for my Iron Hands, starting with one of the plasma executioners. Since I did it with my Megatron Thanatar, I really like purple plasma weaponry it pops out from the rest of the model I feel.

I have also been trying out the weathering powders from Forgeworld, they work pretty well and you can get some really interesting effects that would be so much harder to do with just paints.

However this tank has already bored me, so I need to have something to split up painting these things. For this reason I decided to start painting the miniatures from my Blood Rage board game. I will be starting with the Kickstarter exclusive content I got from backing it. Feast your eyes on some Studio McVey goodness!

I am thinking I will start with the giant I really like the model and I am looking forward to doing these as they are super nice sculpts especially for a board game.

So that is part one, part two is what happened this past weekend.

I took part in a Warhammer 40k tournament, more specifically I took part in a doubles tournament with my good buddy Saxby. Together we joined our Dark Eldar forces together to pillage and raid the realspace in search of new prisoners and slaves! Behold some pictures of our glorious looking combined army (if I do say so myself) as we played 4 games across the weekend.

As the final picture suggests, we won!! We actually came first across the board, beat all of our opponents as well as scoring a solid amount of victory points in each game. I also came away with best army! Some mild vindication for my failed Throne of Skulls experience (though potential plans are in the works to deal with that later). It was a great weekend that I thoroughly enjoyed, and Saxby was fantastic to pair with having not seen him for quite a while, he never fails to put a smile on my face whenever we are involved with gaming.

Next post will hopefully be more recent and will be something from the board game goodness.

Until then, Take care everybody!

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Hands of Iron

Hello everybody!

Normally during the breaks I have from work there are a ton of updates of me doing things to occupy my time. This occasion is not the case however as I actually went on holiday!

I have done a couple of things though. The main thing I want to show you is that I am starting a new army, and it is a space marine army at that (yuk). Now I should probably clarify this as I have said numerous times to many people about my utter boredom at space marine armies. I am actually doing a tank company since the latest heresy book came out allowing you to do so, meaning I can use the more interesting elements of the space marine army, their lovely tanks.

I do however have to paint one space marine, since my commander has to actually be a marine and not a tank commander. So here he is!

And here he is mostly finished, just got to add a couple of details and work out what to do with the base (you also get to see from the video what I have on in the background whilst I build and paint, internet cookies for those who know what it is).

I have started putting some of the tanks together but will show you that when they are all together, I am building the army in 1k blocks so it doesn't get too over the top with building but you will see that soon.

Until then,
Take care everybody!

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Hollow Disappointment

Hello everybody!

Well....this past weekend was an emotional event to say the least. For those who are unaware of such things this weekend just gone was the setting of Throne of Skulls:Carnage, an official GW tournament held at Warhammer World.

This blog has been used to track the progress I have been making with my armies for a bit over a year now. The main focus for this has been my Dark Eldar army, more specifically the Haemonculus Covens force that I have been meticulously working on for quite some time. The fruits of my labour were unleashed upon the public at this event, with these pictures showing them all together for the first time ever.

Now I was very excited for this event, I had my army finished and was enthusiastic to see the reaction they would get from all those at Warhammer World that weekend. My goal for the event was twofold:

1. Get creeped out reactions from people seeing the army
2. Get a best army nomination

Now for the good parts for the weekend which, coincidentally all happened on the Saturday. The initial reaction from people was fantastic, everyone was amazed at my army and came to take many pictures and talk about the army and what was wrong with me. This reaction encompassed everyone from the other competitors in the event to the staff both managing the event as well as those in the shops and even in Bugman's. The other parts of the event were really good to see as well. Due to the less competitive nature of the tournament (more on that later) it meant there were far more interesting and "fluffy" armies taking place. Gone are the days of the Necron and Eldar's tyrannical reign over the meta at Throne of Skulls, apparently this has been replaced by Tyranids as people seemingly really like them but felt they weren't that competitive. Because of this I got to play a wide variety of different armies and players with everyone being in high spirits and not power gaming to win at all costs, which was a refreshing change.

My good nature however was somewhat disturbed on the Sunday however...

Sunday was the more important day for me, as it was when the announcements for the "best army" nominations was taking place. Now I didn't expect to win, to do so was just unrealistic, but I was fairly confident that I would at the very least get a nomination particularly with all the positive response I had gotten on the Saturday. The end of the 4th game happens and to my dismay and disappointment, I hadn't been picked. I was completely and utterly gutted by this revelation and was morbidly curious as to which three armies were "better" than mine.

(I shall go through this next point with a warning, I am about to probably sound very arrogant, bitter and dickish to some people so if you don't wish to read that sort of thing stop now)

Of the three armies that were presented to be the "best" of show, I can understand why realistically one of them was picked over mine. It was a very nicely painted Imperial Fist army that is detailed and professionally done with a Warhound Titan to accompany it. This I was ok with. The second army that was in there was an alright Chaos marine army that had a full compliment of 5 Knights to go alongside it. Now the knights had some nice conversion elements but the paint job was alright enough to see it in. The third army was, in my mind, ok at best. It was a Daemonkin army that had a Bloodthirster and Kytan as centerpiece models. I have no issue with the player I had met him previously and he was a very nice and friendly person. His army was not in the top 3 of the event however. His army was one of those that benefits from the "4ft rule" which meant from a distance it looked pretty nice, however up close it was very plain. Now I will sound very arrogant here by saying that I truly believe my army blew that one out of the water. When I asked the organisers at the end of the event they said to me "It wasn't that your army wasn't good enough, it was just that we didn't vote for it as best army". Now I want to call this out as complete and utter BS. I knew my army was good enough for a nomination, mainly due to seeing people still try and vote for my army even though it wasn't one of the three in the cabinet. How can you deny my army wasn't deserving to be nominated when people still vote for it when it even isn't on display???  Those people got turned away from that vote and the staff couldn't bring themselves to admit they should have nominated me. They even then had the gall to come over after the voting took place to take pictures saying how "fantastic this army was" they didn't do this with literally any of the ones that they nominated as "better" than mine. Friends of mine, some of which are former GW staff members, pointed out that the three armies that were nominated were all armies that had power armoured models in it, as well as models that had large scale models that could be "easily bought" at the shops nearby. Whether this was them trying to comfort me about my disappointment or they were making vaild observations I wouldn't want to speculate. I truly feel that they didn't want to put my army up for best army as they felt that it couldn't be displayed to their larger audiences in articles and on their websites.

Secondly, the way these tournaments are still feels wrong in some ways. Granted I will admit it makes the atmosphere in these events much better, with people taking more interesting armies. I get that. However I do feel that it still turns the whole event into a popularity contest. I didn't take a particularly broken list, wasn't some smash face army it was more an artistic project. However I still managed to win 4 of my 5 games across the weekend. Now anyone in their right mind can see that you are never going to give your favourite gamer vote to someone who beat since that was the case I didn't get any votes whatsoever, so finished 78th out of 100. A very good friend of mine won only 1 game all weekend, scored a good 20-30vp lower than me and finished 4th. My brain still can't comprehend this utter ridiculous nonsense. According to this ideology next event I need to take an army that is deliberately designed to lose, that way I am more likely to win...see what I mean? That logic in it's essence is utter backwards to me. But I have talked about that principle before and you can look back in my blog to see that one.

I would like to thank those around me at the time and consoled me over the events and many of the tournament participants were also very supportive and confused about the decision. People on Facebook and the Dark Eldar forum community for being comforting as well. I have ranted enough I feel. My anger for the event is still bubbling and writing this article has made my blood boil. I will get over it and move on but it has certainly left a bitter taste in my mouth about the "voting" system GW employ with their nominations.

Until next time,
Take care everybody

Monday, 22 February 2016

Cronos Completed

Hello everybody!

I realize that I have been rather slow and lazy with my uploads on this blog this month and for that I apologize. This however doesn't mean I haven't been doing any painting or modelling and to that end I shall endeavor to display some fruits of my to speak.

So for the longest time I was having trouble with deciding what I wanted it to look like. It had to be something that matched the somewhat gruesome look of the Talos that I have. They are to form the Dark Artisan formation that will be the centerpiece for the whole force so it needed to be special. This is what I came up with.

I think it came out ok, If I had more time I could probably have come up with something a bit more disturbing but I think it'll do for now. Here he is next to his "sister" and with the Haemonculus nearly done the updates for this should hopefully be soon.

There are more things I have to show you....such wonders. But they can wait till next time.

Take care everybody!